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BankPoint is an intuitive banking platform that enhances your core system and provides dramatic improvements in efficiency for your staff.

Imagine a single system that’s easy to use and puts everything at your fingertips – loans, deposits, customers, documents, loan pipeline, and more.

Solutions for Banks

Learn how BankPoint overlays your core system, providing simplified management of loans, customers, deposits, documents, and more.

Solutions for Non-Bank Lenders

Learn how BankPoint helps non-bank lenders manage the complete loan lifecycle, from pipeline loans to portfolio management and special assets.

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Single Point of Entry

BankPoint eliminates spreadsheets and other manual, error prone processes by providing a single system for critical information such as risk ratings, collateral descriptions, appraisals, loan profiles, documents, and approval workflow.

Consistent, Repeatable Processes

Keep everyone on the same page. Dazzle your auditors and examiners with consistent, repeatable processes. Empower your users to produce reports easily, answering questions in minutes instead of days.

Immediate Benefits

BankPoint will transform the way your bank works with increased productivity, reduced errors, and improved efficiency across every department.

Stop pulling your hair out and wasting precious time. Control the chaos and grow the bank with BankPoint.

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Customers leveraging the power of BankPoint

TBK Bank
Independent Financial, a customer of BankPoint in digital banking.
South State Bank
Titan Bank
Susser Bank

"We were able to outperform our peers in originating PPP loans, which helped thousands of customers. I don't think we would have been able to execute close to that level if we didn't have BankPoint"

Andrew BredowDirector of Credit Administration, Susser Bank ($1.3B)

"I'd recommend BankPoint and I'd even recommend it to competitor banks. It's very beneficial for what we do and I'm happy we have it"

Matt DuncanEVP and Senior Risk Officer, Independent Financial ($18.4B)

"Without BankPoint, I can honestly say that I wouldn't feel comfortable growing the bank like we are"

Matt SiekelskiCOO, Nexbank ($9.2B - grown from $800M in 2013)

"BankPoint is what makes large parts of our operation scalable. It allows you to track workflow in real time which helps identify problems and bottlenecks faster. Tha's a big value add for us"

Andrew BredowDirector of Credit Administration, Susser Bank ($1.3B)

"We used a well-known solution based on Salesforce for years prior to discovering BankPoint. We consider the BankPoint product superior and converted to it almost immediately after seeing it"

Jonathan MorrisChairman, Titan Bank ($512M)

"It's a lot easier to navigate than our core system is. Just the way the data is structured within the system makes more logical sense"

Matt DuncanEVP and Senior Risk Officer, Independent Financial ($18.4B)

"We had an instant level of trust with BankPoint and they validated their expertise time and again. Having a strategic partner that we could trust, that understood our needs and the other technology systems we use was invaluable"

Andrew BredowDirector of Credit Administration, Susser Bank ($1.3B)

"BankPoint is indispensable to our daily operations"

Gail LehmannCOO, TBK Bank ($5.9B)