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McKinney, TX. February 13, 2019 /PRNewswire VSI Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise banking software, announces that beginning today, the name of the company’s flagship product, ARCS, is changing to BankPoint.

In addition, the company will now operate under the name BankPoint in order to provide a unified brand for the company and all of its products and services. The longtime trusted solutions provider says this new brand more accurately reflects the company’s vision and strategy in the fintech market.

“The BankPoint name provides a fresh, updated brand that better represents the company we’ve built for our employees, customers, and partners as we work to become the foremost technology platform helping banks to become more efficient,” said Tom Heruska, BankPoint CEO. “VSI Solutions began as a banking technology consulting company in the early 2000s, and the ARCS product was developed in collaboration with our clients beginning in 2008. In the years since, the company has evolved from a consultancy to a software company and we are beyond excited to bring this proven solution to the market under the BankPoint name.”

The BankPoint platform overlays and expands the capabilities of existing “core systems” used by all banks to create a single point of entry for other critical systems that are typically disconnected and difficult to use. “In our years of consulting with banks, we’ve found that many systems don’t get adopted because they are not user-friendly,” said Heruska. “Banks are spending millions on systems that are either abandoned or partially implemented. BankPoint has really changed the game for our customers because it’s so easy to use.”

In addition to the core interface, BankPoint includes solutions for loan review, credit administration, covenant tracking, pipeline loans, workflow, document management, and other areas that are typically managed with manual, offline processes reliant on spreadsheets and Word documents.

Most importantly, bankers are using it. “We have an incredible adoption rate with our customers,” said Heruska. “Once they use it, they’re hooked.”

Want to empower your employees with a system they’ll actually enjoy using? Contact BankPoint or schedule a demo to see how our powerful bank management software, designed by banking experts, can help your team do its best work.