BankPoint is a new breed of system that changes the way banks work and provides immediate benefits for all departments.

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  • Efficiency – Work easier, smarter, and faster.
  • Transparency – Tired of hunting for information across multiple systems? We’ve got your back.
  • Consistency – Imagine if everything looked the same.
  • Repeatability – Use locked-in, repeatable processes.
  • Accuracy – Trust your data and eliminate spreadsheets. Copy/paste is not the answer.
  • Accountability – Automatically capture audit logs and approval history.

What our customers are saying

Jonathan MorrisChairman, Titan Bank ($512M)

BankPoint has saved us material cost on staffing, the system literally paid for itself within six months

Lead Examiner-in-ChargeFDIC

It's the best system I've used in my 30 years of examining banks

Matt SiekielskiCOO, Nexbank ($9.2B)

I use BankPoint to determine our current status from a risk management perspective. Every morning I start my day with a cup of coffee and BankPoint. It's simple and easy to use

Darrell AdamsCCO, PlainsCapital Bank ($14B)

I love the ease in which I can pull up a quick snapshot of a loan. It's 10 times easier than it was before. I'm in there every day for something

Jonathan MorrisChairman, Titan Bank ($512M)

I want my employees experiencing joy every day when they come to work, and BankPoint brings them joy

Amy FeaginTreasurer, Independent Bank ($18.4B)

With BankPoint we have access to consistent information. Before BankPoint, everyone wrote reports from the core that looked different. We never knew what we were going to get. Now we have standardized reports and data

Matt SiekielskiCOO, Nexbank ($9.2B)

It's my go-to system - I don't use the core system for anything. The core is way too much for what I want. BankPoint is simple and easy to use

Paul ThomasCEO, North American Savings Bank ($2B)

BankPoint definitely decreases the burden around audits and exams for us

Institutions benefiting from BankPoint

Independent Financial, a customer of BankPoint in digital banking.
TBK Bank
South State Bank
Titan Bank
Susser Bank
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