Tired of collecting documents from borrowers using email or other manual processes? BankPoint can help.

DocuPoint is BankPoint’s secure document collection solution that allows lenders to easily gather documents from borrowers using BankPoint’s secure online portal. Using DocuPoint, lenders can use a smart checklist to ensure the right documents are requested from their borrowers. The system then sends an email to the borrower(s) with a secure link that allows for easy uploading of documents directly into the BankPoint platform.

Benefits include:

For Borrowers:
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Drag and Drop support
  • Upload from phone, tablet, or desktop
  • Branded for your institution
  • Support for all common doc types, including images, MS Office Documents, PDFs, and more.
For Lenders:
  • Customizable smart checklists to ensure the right documents are collected
  • Seamless integration with the underwriting process
  • Covenant Tracking integration, allowing documents to be requested when reviewing covenants (coming soon)
  • Document review process with auto-indexing
  • Collected documents can be easily saved to your existing imaging system, or saved in BankPoint
  • Virus scanning of all borrower documents
  • Borrower reminders to streamline collection of documents

How Lenders Collect Documents from Borrowers Using DocuPoint

How Lenders Collext Documents from Borrowers Using DocuPoint