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How Can BankPoint Help You?

Keep everyone on the same page. Dazzle your auditors and examiners with consistent, repeatable processes. Empower your users to produce reports easily, answering questions in minutes instead of days.

Make Loan Officers More Efficient

  • Close deals faster
  • Easily segment the pipeline by region, loan type, loan officer, etc.
  • Access simplified dashboards for new deals and existing loan portfolios

Provide Executive Transparency and Management

  • Provide executive access to information across all areas
  • Simplify approvals with notifications and workflows
  • Easily view loan officer performance
  • Implement your specific credit policy

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Manage Risk and Compliance

  • Ensure policy compliance with transparent audit trails
  • Use consistent, repeatable processes across all areas
  • Easily answer questions from auditors and examiners

Eliminate Wasted Time

  • Unify information across all systems – stop hunting for information and documents
  • Easily access documents and information from multiple systems

Enable Institutional Growth

  • Scale lending, credit, and treasury operations
  • Streamline employee onboarding and training

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Bankpoint Case Studies

Customer Stories

  • Using Loan Pipeline for all new and renewal commercial deals, integrated with Salesforce with automated credit approval workflow
  • System of record for credit actions (risk ratings changes, charge-offs, etc.) gives auditors and examiners clear audit trail
  • Bankwide adoption across multiple departments

Plains Capital Bank$15B

  • Designated as critical system for over 250 users
  • Acts as single source of truth, overlaying core system and multiple other systems
  • System of record for Treasury OnBoarding with eSignature

TBK Bank$6B

  • Loan Review system of record with core integration
  • Selected by South State after acquisition of CenterState Bank
  • System of Record for REO property management and disposition

South State Bank$42B

  • Utilizing BankPoint for Commercial Loan Approvals, Internal Loan Review, Portfolio Management, Covenant Tracking, and more
  • Migrated all documents from core vendor imaging system to BankPoint
  • Converted from nCino

Titan Bank$500M

What Makes Us Different

The User Experience (UX) Makes All the Difference

BankPoint is simple and easy to use. Unlike other banking and lending software, our modern and intuitive interface allows for easy adoption with minimal training.

A Proven Implementation Process to Ensure Success

Don’t worry, we’ve got this. We’ll guide you through every step of the BankPoint implementation using our simple 5 step process.
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Your Information is Secure

BankPoint is built on the Microsoft Technology Stack and runs in the Microsoft Azure private cloud, providing the infrastructure and security to take user experiences to the next level. For those institutions not ready for the cloud, BankPoint can also be deployed on-premise within your data center.

Flexible Pricing That Supports Your Growth

BankPoint uses a per-user, per-month SaaS pricing model that is affordable for smaller institutions with volume discounts as you grow. Best of all, most modules are included, so you don’t have to purchase additional software as your needs change.

Fanatical Support

We pride ourselves on providing the best support in the industry, and respond rapidly to all customer requests. BankPoint acts as your partner, providing monthly releases, software enhancements, and bespoke solutions to match your institutions specific needs.

Who We Help


Increase revenue with powerful loan origination
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Manage risk using simplified credit administration
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Loan Review

Reduce expenses and ensure compliance
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Accelerate revenue with streamlined treasury onboarding
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Special Assets / REO

Manage risk and compliance of troubled assets
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